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Moving Out
Moving Out

Moving Out


This is not a project but a documentation of our preparation for moving out. The process of departure from one place to another requires us to consider what to take and what to leave behind.

I write this mission statement as an act of frustration and nostalgia for an era I idolize.

A central concept of modernism is distinguishing items that are necessary from those that are unnecessary for whatever medium in order to improve communication and stress the importance of function. This concept has been extended and advanced through a wide variety of design structures and forms.

Common visual expressions of modernist graphic design are characterized by an ordered, simplified and highly structured visual style.

While in theory, such styles are truly representative of modernist thought, it is often the case that such aesthetics are blindly replicated without a fundamental understanding of the origin of these styles.

In this context, modern graphic design has lost sight of the true essence and value of modernist thought. However, it is important to note that what is prosaic and vulgar to one generation may very well be magical and idolized by the next.

Phase #1 - Move to Atrium some_text

Phase #2 - Classification some_text

Phase #3 - Inventory some_text

Phase #4 - Deletion some_text

Phase #5 - Bulldozing some_text

Phase #6 - Clean up some_text

Classification: Installation
Moving out with Suckzoo Han